What is Dhii?

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What is Dhii?

Dhii is a collective of persons and entities working together to advance open-source software. It is an umbrella for innovation initiatives in the field of software development. Besides that, Dhii sets as its purpose the wellbeing and co-operation of software developers.


Dhii welcomes all open-source software initiative. However, there are some areas of focus, in which Dhii concentrates its efforts.


Historically the first area of focus, due to the founder’s and initial members’ area of expertise. Because Dhii is a very much pro-standards organisation, it officially supports and endorses PHP-FIG. Dhii seeks to be a fast-paced environment that can provide PHP developers with the standards they need to make their software SOLID and interoperable. Therefore, although not affiliated with PHP-FIG, Dhii aims to be a useful complement to the FIG by providing ideas, resources, expertise, and a test ground for standards that may be accepted by the FIG.

Because most of the Dhii standards are developed out of some necessity of Dhii members, most standards are implemented at least once - you can view an incomplete list of PHP projects here.